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About Dreams: "This collection of short stories captures the reader's imagination from the first words of the first story, 'For many nights, I dreamt of dead people.' We are drawn in to the ordinary lives of ordinary people who by the time we finish the story has become extraordinary."

-- Julian Gabriel Colado, Editor, WriteToday.com

A review of "Dreams..." from WomenWriters.net, South Africa.







Buy directly from the author!  Teresa Bevin's first work of fiction, the award-winning novel, "Havana Split," can now be purchased directly from the author on-line at a price below advertised retail.  Click here to purchase "Havana Split."  


















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 Just Released - April 2011  

"Papaya Suite" by Teresa Bevin
Papaya Suite (English)

Adventure is not limited to men or extreme sports. Adventure can be a daydream, a walk down the street or a series of life experiences. A heroine does not have to perform extraordinary feats of strength or courage.

Papaya Suite is a book about a woman's adventures from adolescent self-discovery to the self-acknowledgment of adulthood. Its hero, Celeste, personifies the headstrong young adult who follows her dreams, ignoring failures and building on successes -- in essence, almost romping through life. It is a light-hearted accounting of a young woman growing up during the early years of the Cuban revolution, who is sent to Spain where her exploration of life begins in earnest and continues to expand when she moves to the United States.

Read an excerpt:  Chapter 2: La Pegajosa, Pinar del Rio, 1968

Papaya Suite is published by La Gota de Agua Press.
ISBN: 9780981930306
Click Here to Purchase a Copy of Papaya Suite


Dreams and Other Ailments
Sueños y otros achaques

Dreams and Other Ailments by Teresa BevinA bilingual collection of short stories

ForeWord Magazine's
Bronze Award  Book of the Year 2001 
  Fiction Translation  

 Independent Publishers Award Finalist 200   Multicultural Fiction  


"Dreams and Other Ailments is a doorway... to the magical, even fantastic, and yet it is grounded in a reality that has an edge. [It] takes the reader on journeys that transit between dimensions, juxtaposing the seen and the unseen, the mundane and the miraculous, the tragic and the hopeful, while maintaining a connection that runs like a line to her Cuban beginnings. Nonpolitical but with a message, irreligious yet full of spirit, the stories express themselves in many voices, conflating race, gender, age, rage, ecstasy, and resignation. Bevin's overriding mark of style is her humor that twists each character's fate with ironic promise...  An inspiration, an education, and a chance to enter multiple realities, Dreams and Other Ailments will lift your spirits as it makes you wonder if the spirits being lifted are other than your own. An important collection by a brilliant new writer."
--Dr. Lynne Greeley, author, literary critic, and professor of theater, University of Vermont


Havana Split (English)

"Havana Split" by Teresa Bevin"Bevin's spirited first novel tells of Lara Canedo, a Cuban who left her homeland for Spain as a child at her mother's insistence. Twenty years later, in 1991, Lara returns to Cuba to rediscover the family members she left behind and gain an understanding of her parents' ambiguous relationship. With this healing knowledge she unites her present with her past and comes to terms with her sexual identity. Bevin reveals an astonishingly refreshing ability to write a fictional account of a Cuban exile's life that is personal without being painfully passionate. Her sparkling prose portrays people from all sides of Cuban politics with dignity. This tale of self-discovery is highly recommended for all collections." --Carolyn Ellis Gonzalez, University of Texas at San Antonio Library.

"... Havana Split demonstrates a keen awareness of the Cuban exiles' haunted memories and their desire for reconciliation.  The novel's acuity is apparent in Bevin's vivid descriptions of Lara's pre- and post-revolutionary Cuban life--from her aunt's ritualistic 'blood red lipstick' kiss to the chaotic scenes in the Miami Airport.  Likewise, Bevin's bold decision to write a lesbian character provides important insight into Cuba's virulent strain of homophobia, resulting in the gay community's resourceful, yet troubling, response.... The novel thus dramatizes the revolution's personal devastation."-- Beatriz Valdés, Clark University.


 Literary Collections:

Revista Literaria Baquiana (Español)

Short Story, “Envasado al Vacío” in Revista Literaria Baquiana, Año XI, N° 65/66. http://www.baquiana.com/numero_LXV-LXVI/Cuento_I.htm


Short Story “Misterios de la Chencha” in Revista Literaria Baquiana, Year IX, No. 51/52; January-April 2008 http://www.baquiana.com/Numero_LI_LII/Narrativa.htm



Electric Grace: Still More Fiction by Washington Area Women  (English)

"Electric Grace is a marvel, a glorious humming party-line of voices. Bend your ear to the wire and have a listen. You won't be disappointed." -- Ann Downer, author of Hatching Matic and The Spellkey Trilogy.

Authors in this anthology: Teresa Bevin, Jody Lannen Brady, Michelle Brafman, Laura Brylawski-Miller, Maxine Clair, Brenda W. Clough, Merle Collins, Julie Corwin, Janet Crossen, Rosie Dempsey, Mary Katya Doroshenk, Cynthia Folcarelli, Barbara Goldberg, Corrine Zappia Gormont, T. Greenwood, Catherine Harnett, Jamie Holland, Susan Kellam, Eugenia SunHee Kim, Randi Gray Kristensen, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Sarah Grace McCandless, Faye Moskowitz, Barbara Mujica, Jessica Neely, Sarah Pleydell, Victoria Popdan, Joy Reges, Jessie Seigel, Debra Sequeira, Sheryl Stein, Amy Stolls, Mary L. Tabor, Julia Thomas, Sheila Walsh, Riggin Waugh, NC Weil, Mary-Sherman Willis, Robyn Kirby Wright, Hannah Zaheer, Anna Zeigler, Christy J. Zink.

Paperback: 460 pages
ISBN 0-931181-25-9


Other Collections:

Bilingual Short Story "Vacuum Packed/Envasado al vacío" internet collection Bilingual poets & writers for peace http://www.bilingualmca.bravehost.com/teresabevin.html


Chapter: “City of Giant Tinajones”  (Excerpted from Novel Havana Split). in The Prentice Hall Anthology of Latino Literature. E. del Rio, Editor. ISBN 0-13-026687-6 Prentice Hall, 2002.


Short Stories: "La vieja del globo" and "Lección de ballet",  Linden Lane, Princeton, 1984.




Ediciones la Gota de Agua



Ediciones la Gota de Agua:
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Philadelphia PA 19146
215.546.9421 [teléfono]
Correo electrónico: i













Read an excerpt From "Dreams..."in English


Lea un fragmento de
 "Sueños..."en español


Dreams and Other Ailments/Sueños y otros achaques, 1st Ed., ISBN 1-928589-13-8, pb 176 pgs, is published by 
Gival Press

PO Box 381, 
Arlington, VA 22203





Read an excerpt from "Havana Split" in English


Havana Split, 1st Ed., April 1998. c.368p.  ISBN 1-55885-229-8 is published by Arte Público Press




About Havana Split: "...A moving tale of one woman's search for the child she once was and and powerful affirmation that although you sometimes can go home again, airfare is not the only price you pay." --Margaria Fichtner, Miami Herald


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