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In addition to writing fiction, Teresa Bevin has contributed to several college-level academic and other non-fiction publications. Please click on the titles that follow to see descriptions of these text books.  Note:  These titles currently available in English only.

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Teresa Bevin is available for lectures, seminars and other professional presentations on psychotherapy, multicultural diversity, writing and bilingual authoring.

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An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women's Studies
Edited by Brianne Friel & Robert L. Giron
Recipient of the 2005 DIY Book Festival Award for Compilations/Anthologies

An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women's StudiesChapter: "Cuban Women: Betrayed by Revolution" by Teresa Bevin

Chapter: "Caught Between Homophobia and Peer Pressure:  A Classroom Experiment" by Teresa Bevin

A succinct collection of articles written for the college student of women's studies that covers such areas as women's lives in society, political involvement, environmental activism, health care, behavior in classrooms, film, fiction, poetry, and philosophy.




Edited by:
 Brianne Friel & Robert L. Giron
Copyright 2005, 142 pp.
Paper format
ISBN 1-928589-29-4
Gival Press









Eduardo del Rio, editor

Copyright 2002, 544 pp.
Paper format
ISBN 0-13-026687-6
Prentice Hall


The Prentice Hall Anthology of Latino Literature

For Introduction to Literature, American Literature, Mexican-American Literature, and Latino Literature courses.

Prentice Hall Introduction to Latino Literature


Chapter: "Parenting in Cuban-American Families" by Teresa Bevin

This anthology contains works of poetry, short stories and drama by authors of Latino descent who are writing primarily in English. The focus of the text is on the works of authors who have been shaped by the dual consciousness of their heritage and their environment.

Discusses issues such as labeling, cultural identity and language. Provides students and instructors with an introduction to the study of Latin literature.  The book is divided into 3 parts by ethnic group—Mexican American, Cuban American, and Puerto Rican American.  Allows instructors to focus on a particular group.

Each part is divided by genre—Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Allows for comparisons between ethnic groups based on genre.

Discussion questions—Emphasize the similarities and differences between the various ethnicities. Allows students to compare and contrast the selections from different ethnic groups.


Fiction.  Cristina García from Dreaming in Cuban. Oscar Hijuelos from The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love. Roberto Fernandez from Holy Radishes! Virgil Suarez from Spared Angola: Memories of a Cuban-American Childhood “Spared Angola,” “La Ceiba: Tree of Life.” Pablo Medina from The Marks of Birth “The Birthmark.” Himilce Novas from Mangos, Bananas and Coconuts: A Cuban Love Story. Teresa Bevin from Havana Split, City of Giant Tinajones.” Margarita Engle from Singing to Cuba. Jose Yglesias from The Guns in the Closet “The Place I Was Born,” “Celia's Family.”









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Culturally Diverse Parent-Child and Family Relationships

A Guide for Social Workers and Other Practitioners
Edited by Nancy Boyd Webb 

Culturally Diverse Parent-Child and Family Relationships

Chapter Contribution: “Parenting in Cuban-American Families.”

In an increasingly diverse social environment, misunderstandings often arise between practitioners in the helping professions and clients from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This book investigates the culturally specific beliefs and child-rearing practices of five major racial/ethnic groups: African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and European Americans. Analyses of case vignettes illustrate the book's dual focus on the practitioners´ own views in addition to those of their culturally diverse clients. Guidelines offer suggestions for effective engagement and work with culturally diverse families.






Columbia University Press

2001. ISBN: 023111818X, Hardcover, 384 pgs









Play Therapy with Children in Crisis, Second Edition

Play Therapy with Children in Crisis, Second Edition

Play Therapy with Children in Crisis


Chapter: "Multiple Traumas of Refugees: Near Drowning and Witnessing of Maternal Rape"

Completely revised and updated, the second edition of this popular casebook and text focuses on the treatment of children who have experienced such stressful situations as parental death or divorce, abuse and neglect, HIV/AIDS in the family, community violence, tragic accidents, and war. A variety of play therapy methods are presented, including art, storytelling, doll play, group art activities, and games. Structured for optimal use in teaching and training, each in-depth case study is accompanied by an up-to-date literature review, a case summary, an assessment and treatment plan, and thoughtful discussion questions. New features in the second edition include coverage of a broader variety of crisis situations, including the effects of wars and terrorist attacks; follow-up reports of six teenagers originally seen in therapy as children; methods for preventing the secondary traumatization of therapists; and four chapters showing how group treatment can be utilized either as a primary intervention, or in conjunction with individual and family treatment.







Guilford Publications, Inc.

 1999. ISBN: 1-57230-485-5 Hardcover, 506 pages


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Guilford Publications, Inc.

 2002. ISBN: 1-57230-632-7. Hardcover, 386 pages


Helping Bereaved Children,
Second Edition

A Handbook for Practitioners
Edited by Nancy Boyd Webb


Chapter: "Violent Deaths of Both Parents: Case of Marty" by Teresa Bevin

Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this popular casebook and text demonstrates a range of therapeutic approaches and interventions for children who have experienced loss. In-depth case examples—several of which are new or include follow-up reports—form the core of the book. Illustrated are ways to help preschoolers through adolescents cope with bereavement, including death in the family, school, or community. Case material is presented in a handy two-column format that provides the reader not only with the content of the sessions, but also with the practitioner's accompanying thoughts and rationale for intervention. Updated throughout with the latest concepts and methods, the second edition features entirely new chapters on art therapy and storytelling techniques, bereavement groups, therapist self-care, and working with children who have witnessed school shootings and those grieving in the aftermath of terrorist attacks.






Other Non-Fiction Works

Chapter “Encuentro con Miguel Hernández,” in Homenaje a Miguel Hernández en su Centenario (1910-2010).  CCEMIAMI, Centro Cultural Español, Ediciones Baquiana.

Monograph: "Nocturnal Enuresis as a Sleep Disorder:  The Role of  Parents,"  IPCO Home Health Systems Update, White Plains, N.Y., 1985.


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