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Good Friday Procession in Camagüey 2004
Santo Sepulcro llevado en hombros

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  Monday, April 26, 2004 -  I've just received these photos from Camagüey and my memory went back to January.  Cubans are spiritual people.  They all believe in something.  After the visit of Pope John Paul II, faith was strengthened and Catholic rituals have gained importance among the young.

Recién he recibido estas fotos y mi memoria regresó a enero.  Los cubanos son seres espirituales.  Todos creen en algo.  Tras la visita del Papa Juan Pablo II, la fe fue restaurada y los rituales Católicos han cobrado importancia entre los jóvenes.

Viernes Santo en Camagüey
Good Friday in Camagüey

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Last Day to Register to Vote: 
October 1, 2004

Election Day: November 2, 2004


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Saturday April 10, 2004 - I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming presidential election.  In many countries, citizens do not have the opportunity to choose their leaders.  Some countries make a mockery of the right to vote by holding elections but allowing only one candidate to run, or forcing, in one way or another, citizens to vote for the "preferred" candidate.  

Here in the United States, we still have the right to vote for whomever we want, in spite of possible "irregularities" that may occur in the process.   But if we don't utilize that right and freedom, it may disappear totally.  It is a right that must be cultivated in order to remain strong.  I was dismayed when I was recently told that only 6 per cent of the eligible Latino population voted in the 2000 presidential elections.  

Only 6% of Eligible Latinos Voted 
in the Presidential Elections of 2000!

So I've done a little research and found some on-line voter information web sites in Spanish and English.  Check out the links on the right and left of this column, and take advantage of the information they provide.  Then register to vote and vote as you believe is best for you, your family and your country!

Listen to a live radio broadcast with Teresa Bevin as guest on Intercambios on station KSKA - Alaska Public Radio, Sunday, April 4, 2004, 8:00 p.m. Alaska DST/12:00 a.m. (Midnight) Eastern DST.  Discussion in both English and Spanish!

Go to http://www.kakm.org/kska_online.html to listen on-line!

Monday March 29, 2004 - The photos from this year's Cuba trip are finally posted!  And now I'm doing a cross-continental radio interview this Sunday, Maryland to Alaska.  I just learned that there is a sizeable Latino population in Anchorage and I'm looking forward to talking with whoever phones in. Technology is great.



Sunday, February 1, 2004 -  After taking a week off to recuperate from the cold that I caught in Cuba; from the cold weather in Maryland; to prepare my classes for the new semester; and to review the photos I took during my sojourn in Camagüey, I'm ready to write.

While I was in Camagüey, I was able to keep a happy disposition in front of my relatives and friends at all times, when in truth I was somewhat shocked by much of what I saw:  The appalling contrasts between what was available for tourists and Cubans who had access to American dollars, and what was available for everyone else in Cuba.  Most Cubans walk or ride bicycles (which I call "equal opportunity transportation").  The woman who drove the Cubanito taxi in which I rode is a physicist.  A friend of mine, a plastic surgeon, books art shows for tourists.

Though few verbalize their desperation, I was amazed to find out that most are taking medicine for anxiety or depression.  To the Cubans, their visitors are oases in the desert. Late one night, my cousin Adriana came to the apartment where I was staying.  She was in tears, and said that they just took her 2-month old granddaughter to the hospital because she would not stop vomiting.  She came to see me because, she said, "you give me energy and I will feel better." Adriana was caught in an emotional bind:  hospitals no longer could be trusted except as a last resort -- nothing was sterile, many necessary medicines were not available, and facilities were deteriorating.  Doctors recommended patients leave as soon as possible.  I was grateful that I was able to soothe Adriana, and that the baby was back at home in a few hours.  

There is a clinic for tourists and Cubans with dollars across the plaza.  It is clean, sterile and well-stocked with medicines and medical devices.  Most Cubans cannot afford their aspirin. 


Woman in doorway, Camaguey, Cuba 2004
Cuban woman in doorway


Typical neighboorhood in Camaguey, Cuba 2004
Many homes in Camagüey
are in drastic need of 
repair, but materials
are not available.



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Although support to ease restrictions on travel to Cuba for non-Cuban born Americans appears to be growing, it is still illegal for most U.S. citizens to travel to that island.  The U.S. Department of State website and the U.S. Treasury website contain regularly updated guidelines for the public.  

NOTE:  The U.S. Interests Section, Havana lists the latest U.S. Government Statements and News on U.S. Policy toward Cuba.

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